Thank you for wanting to learn more about how to support

Fleur De Vie’s mission of assisting with social change.


Here are a few ways you can help:


1. Join Us: We welcome volunteers to join us on our trips to Haiti. It gives supporters an

intimate, more genuine view to Haiti while helping those in need


2. Donate: If you can't travel and are open to donating, we accept monetary and in-kind donations for the projects as well.


3. Fundraise: For those who are open to hosting an intimate gathering of friends, where a

Fleur De Vie representative can speak to the crowd about what we do and the importance of the cause. An event of this kind can be anywhere between 10 to 15 people. This allows us to get the message across in a more relaxed setting while giving potential donors the opportunity to ask direct questions.

To inquire about partnering opportunities, email us directly at

Fleur De Vie is a 501c3 organization