Fleur De Vie (which means Flower of Life) is a not for profit organization based in New York that works with and supports the initiatives of struggling not for profit organizations globally whose mission is to implement social change in their communities.


Fleur De Vie lends its assistance at a grassroots level by organizing programs that promote transparency and ensuring that the focus remains on benefiting the vulnerable and poor of populations that need it most. This work is done by collaborating

with not for profits that take action in education, health, and environmental sustainability, areas of concentration that can have the most impact

 long term.


Fleur De Vie is comprised of a team of professionals who, in partnership with a network of like-minded individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities, are devoted to supporting the needs

of struggling not for profits through fund-raising and campaign promotions.

To inquire about partnering opportunities, email us directly at info@FleurDeVieOnline.org

Fleur De Vie is a 501c3 organization