Volunteer Testimonials

  • Melissa Bernier, New York

    “Working with Fleur De Vie was such a rewarding and life changing experience. I hadn’t been to Haiti in over a decade and the experience that Fleur De Vie provided was phenomenal. There are many organizations that provide aid to children in Haiti, but Fleur De Vie makes a huge and substantial impact by actually being there, on the ground with the children. Fleur de Vie is a wonderful organization that does truly amazing things for the children of Haiti”

  • Lauwrence Emilien, Haiti

    “I really love to volunteer anytime I have the possibility. I think the

    world needs people who believe in positive changes through making positive actions. I participated in two of Fleur De Vie’s activities and I was  personally satisfied. In my opinion, we need these kinds of actions; we need people who were effectively involved to create positive changes.“

  • Djhimy Cadet, Haiti

    “Since helping people has always been one of my life’s commitment,

    I am always thrilled to be part of any project that can help bring positive change in people’s lives and that is exactly what Fleur De Vie displays. Volunteering a couple of times with them has been exciting and joyful for everyone(from volunteers and staff to kids), and the interest and commitment of the staff members to make it better for the kids, to help them strive for a better future makes me feel no other way than fulfilled and proud. And for every future projects, I must

    be there!”

  • Patricia Jean, New York

    “The back to school event with Fleur de Vie in September 2012 was the perfect combination of volunteering and tourism. Within minutes

    of meeting Dayanne Danier in August, I was certain that her passion for Haitian children would result in a well-organized and rewarding volunteer opportunity. The event was fulfilling for both the children and the volunteers. I am looking forward to future events with

    Fleur De Vie.”

  • Rebeca Gerlus, Haiti

    “The very first time I volunteered with Fleur De Vie was during the Recreation Day. I thought the idea was such a great one and was excited to participate with them. For their first initiative in Haiti I felt that it was a success, the children enjoyed themselves much and where happy at the end of the day.  After such a great experience, when Ms. Danier contact me in December to see my availability for the True Noel project, I was elated to participate with them once again. I volunteered for three days and it made the entire Christmas holiday so different for me. Volunteering with Fleur De Vie has broaden my views, deepen some of my skills, made me see the importance once more of volunteering and for that I am thankful”

Fleur De Vie welcomes all volunteers who are willing to support positive change in communities that need it the most. To join our mission,  please fill out the application and someone will contact you.

Thank You!

To inquire about partnering opportunities, email us directly at info@FleurDeVieOnline.org

Fleur De Vie is a 501c3 organization

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