Fleur De Vie has partnered with numerous organization throughout Haiti. We currently work in Port Au Prince, Mirebalais, St.Marc, and

Anse A Veau. For more information feel free to email us.

Reading is Fundamental

The Reading Is Fundamental project assists schools in Haiti, West Indies with developing

a library within their facility. The books are included in the curriculum and utilized for recreational reading. This is important especially since the literacy rate is reported to be 61% – 64% for males and 57% for females (CIA Factbook Nov 2015)1 compared to the reported average literacy rate of 92% for Latin American and Caribbean developing countries (World Bank 2015)2


Fleur De Vie donates three traveling Library cases to each partnering school.  The traveling library consists of 250 books in French/Creole, the primary language of the Haitian people. The project is introduced to each school by Fleur De Vie members or volunteers who travel from the US to ensure its implementation. This is an annual project.


Tools of the Trade (teacher Training)

The program works with institutions and consultants who are based in Haiti, West Indies to provide the educational development programs.  The goal of the program is to provide teachers with the necessary skills to keep them current with the teaching methods that are used in the classroom. The mission of the project is to improve the quality of the instruction that students receive from individual teachers and to better prepare teachers for the classroom environment.

Back to School Recreational Day Event

The Back to School Recreational Day is a one day program focused on teaching school aged children 6-15 years old the importance of school preparation through physical activity, health awareness and education.


FDV partners with 3-4 schools in Port Au Prince Haiti, West Indies to deliver an event which services a minimum of 600 children each year.  The program occurs on an open green field as breakfast, lunch and gifts (T-shirt, backpack, school supplies) are provided for each child. Team work is encouraged as children are put into groups with team leaders including school staff and FDV volunteers that are responsible for directing the games, sports or assigned physical activity.  A health screening is also incorporated into the activities of the day which involves health literacy, prevention instruction and mentorship.  School staff are provided with scholastic packages for the educators that include in-classroom supplies for teachers. This project takes place at the beginning of the school year in Haiti (September/October) and will continue over the next 2 years on an annual basis.

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To inquire about partnering opportunities, email us directly at info@FleurDeVieOnline.org

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